JD-990 and BCR2000

JD-990 and BCR2000


The first synth I bought was a JD-800. I always loved it for it's sound. But somehow it got used less and less, so when Beelzebuffo was near completion, the JD-800 was sold. Recently however I bought a JD-990. It's like a JD-800 on steroids!


It turns out that the Behringer BCR2000 is a nice match for the JD-990 as the BCR2000 can transmit sysex. So you could use a BCR2000 as interface for your JD-990. I've looked on the web for templates and on the BCR2000 Yahou group you can download a preset from Pete Gill. Not particular useful though. So I edited the file and came up with my own templates.





Make sure your BCR2000 is setup correctly. I use "U-3" mode to transfer the files to the BCR2000. Once the file is uploaded, change to "S-2" mode. Now you can use the presets.

I have my sequencer connected to midi in and the JD-990 connected to midi out A. Midi out B is connected to the Virus. This works perfectly. Only when sending a lot of sysex data at once can give dropped notes, but nothing serious.

I use BC Manager to create the templates and to transfer the files.



There are 2 files you will need for this to work. You will need the sysex file, this is the one you can open with BV Manager. But you could use any program that transmits sysex.

The second file is the JD-990.ini file. This file goes in the users/appdata/... directory for BC Manager. I've tried to make this file as tidy as possible. Parameters with a value op to 10 have been assigned to push buttons and have a "-" sign in their name.

Download the JD-990 ini file

Download the BCR2000 sysex file



Or presets, whatever you like to call them.

You can change TEMP PATCH parameters only with these presets. These signals are always received by the JD-990, it doesn't matter if the tone is active.

Preset 1 is a template, this one doesn't load into the BCR2000 because it's to big. But it's useful if you want to create new presets.

Preset 2 allows you to change the sound parameters for TONE A. Preset 3 changes the sound parameters for TONE B, Preset 4 for TONE C and Preset 5 for TONE D.


Preset 5 is empty. Preset 6 is a Jam pattern. It allows you to change some selected parameters, for each tone. This is very handy preset!


Preset 7 allows you to edit all the effect parameters in TEMP PATCH mode.

I'm planning to add some extra jam presets.

Preset 11 to 14 are the original presets from Pete Gill.




If I ever make the perfect preset for the JD-990 I will update this page, I promise!

Now that I´ve studied the sysex format in detail, I´m considering checking out if I can have an Arduino doing the same as the BCR2000. If I ever get so far, I just might built a complete interface, just like a JD-800, but smaller, a lot smaller!

I also plan on making some presets for the Yamaha A3000 sampler. First get the A3000 back operational.

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