The Big Ear Studio


Begin 2013 I rebuilt the attic. A large part of it would become The Big Ear Studio. The studio is up & running, but there is still a lot of work. Some furniture still needs to be bought.


Check out the pictures below to see the list of instuments/toys/gadgets.!album-19

Introspective 9090

Mega Percussive Synth 2x

DIY DS-8 2x

Hexinverter Liquid High Hat with MFOS VCA and EG

DIY Klang

DIY TR-808 Bass Drum clone 2x

Oakley TM-3030 with Hexinverter Battery ACID

Sequentix Circlon With CVIO

Mackie 1642-VLZ PRO

Roland SP-404

Yamaha A3000

M-Audio Delta1010

Ibanez AD-202

Boss GT-10

Behringer Eurorack MX1602A

Ibanez Phase Tone

Boss Turbo Distortion DS-2








DIY Modular Beelzebuffo

DIY Box O Trix

DIY Drum Modular Megalocephalus

Roland JD-990

Access Virus B

Alesis Midiverb III

Ibanez HD-1000

Korg DRV-2000

Edirol PCR-M1

Yamaha REX50

Boss BX-800

(Not on picture: Behringer BCR2000)









Adam A7 2x

Ibanez Guitar

Fame Amplifier

Korg Micro Preset










Soldering corner











Free Space - For dancing

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