Analogue Drums

Analogue Drums


Drum sounds; hey, you never have enough!

Some old black boxes were transformed into all kinds of drum modules. I also made a modular drum machine: Megalocephalus.





DIY TR-808 clone including Snare, Bass Drum, Clap and Maracas

Hexinverter TB-909 Snare

Hexinverter TB-909 Clap

Hexinverter TB-909 Bass Drum

Hexinverter TB-909 Rom Shot

Hexinverter TR-808 Tom´s

Hexinverter TR-808 Hi Hats

Hexinverter TR-808 Cowbell

Hexinverter Battery ACID

Sequentix Drum MUX - To be installed


The other Analogue Drum voices:

9090 (TB-909 Clone)

MPS 2x

Hexinverter Liquid High Hats with MFOS EG and VCA

DIY TR-808 Kick

DIY Klang

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