I make a lot of instruments myself. On this page you find some pictures and information on the building process. I intend to document all the modifications, at some point...


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For Sale


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An electribe EMX-1 (sold)

A TM-3030 clone (sold)

A Korg MonoPoly (sold)

A Presonus Firestudio (sold)!album-14



The x0xb0x was sold, and the sound missed. When the cirklon arrived, a TM-3030 PCB was stuffed and boxed.

Aha, there is the sound of the TB-303 again.


Later on a Hexinverter Battery ACID distortion unit was built in. Super cool!


A second TM-3030 was built to test a stereo module, but it didn't do the trick for me. So it´s now for sale.



Mega percussive synth! Another cool project. Acually so cool, a second box was made.


These MPS´s were modded so that each sound can individually be triggered. As shown on the pictures, a small DIY PCB is needed for this. Pretty basic stuff.!album-15!album-5



The sound of a TB-303 is always appreciated in The Big Ear Studio. So when the x0xb0x was released, a kit was bought and assembled


The x0xb0x was sold to fund other projects.



This gadget looked realy cool, and probably is, but it got sold when the Sequentix Cirklon arrived in the studio.


Anyway, here some pictures on how an old D-Link box got abused for this project. Pretty Cool!!album-7!album-6

JH Living VCO´s


This is how I solved the front panel issues. There are lots of front panel designes for this one on the Web.

Box - of - Trix


Seb Francis makes a nice PCB for a Box - of - Trix. A Noise / Distortion / Overdrive / Compressor box, ideal for processing analogue synths and drums.!album-2

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