PJ Markovic


A new wind came hamering down in The Bg Ear studio and it's not about to leave soon. It's about time to shake things up and finish some pure fun tracks!!!

Terminal Wedgies


Anarchy came to town in the shape of these wierdo's! Nothing at The Big Ear studio's is safe when you handle it over to them!

The Big Ear Studio


The Big Ear Studio is the place where it all happens.

The studio instruments are partly digital and partly analogue. A big modular synth; Beelzebuffo, a TM3030, and a big analogue drum synth take care of the analogue part. An Access Virus B, a Roland JD-990, a Roland R8-m and a Roland SP-404 are the digital instruments.

Mixing is done on Hamerfal RME RayDAT with Behringer ADA8000 ADAT's and a computer running Life 8.2.

Different hardware effect processors are installed Two analogue delays, the Ibanez AD-202 and a Korg DRV-1000, a Midiverb III, an Ibanez HD2000 are ready to be used.

Of course guitar players are also welcome. An Ibanez guitar is available with a Fame amplifyer. A roland GT-10 effect processor and a Boss DS-2 and Ibanez Flanger can be used.

Synth Do It Yourself


Lot's of DIY synths in the Big Ear Studio. When not making music, the solder iron is hot.

Beelzebuffo, the DIY modular synth is assembled and tested in The Big Ear's workshop. The synth contains MOTM and Oakley modules, and a lot of other brands.

A DIY drum synth containing TB-909 and TR-808 clones , 2 MPS's and some other stuff is also built in the Big Ear workshop.

Some of the thing's I've assambled or collected are for sale .


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LD50: The dose of a toxicant needed to produce death in 50% of the test population given the toxin.












Exposed 2 Radiation


A mix of hypnothising beats and harsh electronics.

Exposed 2 Radiation combines the Belgian EBM scene, Techno and commercial music.




Analogue Drones




Vocal Samples


Electronic bleeps


Guitar noise









As long as the music is pure...





UNACCOUNTED 4 is a conjunction of 2 seperate identities lost in Space, Time and Energy. They are 2 identities that were UNACCOUNTED 4 in the Real World, but now they make a stand.
















Art Of Decay


Art Of Decay started in 1996 as an experimental electronic project by Stefan Scheers & Tom Adam. Our aim was to make progressive industrial... A year later we split our activities in 2 projects, LD50 was born. From then on Art of Decay went more into Electronic Body Music, in other words... no more wild experiments but real songs. Art of Decay did several gigs in Belgium in the late 90's and also appeared on international compilation CD's.







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